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Cambridge Startup Help uses the power of marketing to help green businesses reach a wider audience.

Cambridge Startup Help

Our Aim

Providing cleantech startups and scale-ups with integrated and effective marketing services.

Our Story

Cambridge Startup Help enables cleantech startups and scale-ups to raise brand awareness, attract interest, and find customers. We focus on working with businesses that reduce negative environmental impact through cleantech innovations. Marketing is all about raising brand awareness and generating leads, and it’s our mission to advocate for sustainability, adding value for clients by providing tips for improving environmental impact and finding sustainable solutions.

Our services free up time for busy CEOs, allowing them to focus on what they do best – pitching to investors, closing deals, and managing operations. Cambridge Startup Help takes on all those marketing tasks that businesses and leaders don’t have the time or skills for, helping organisations to thrive.

At Cambridge Startup Help, we support our clients across a whole range of marketing activities, from managing social media and sending newsletters to search engine optimisation, events, and market research. We measure the reach and impact of these activities to ensure our clients get the maximum return on their investment and can actively pursue their sustainability and carbon-reduction goals.

As well as supporting our customers, it was important to create our own Sustainability Action Plan which we developed using the One Planet Living framework from Bioregional with the help of Sustainable Sidekicks. As part of this process, we learnt that to reach net-zero change will be needed across all levels in society and in almost everything we do.

Cambridge Startup Help is committed to working with environmentally sustainable and ethical companies. We work hard to help them achieve their goals to protect our planet, and we are proud that one of our clients – Cambridge Cleantech – shared their story as part of the Planet Mark Zero Carbon Tour.

Our Advice

Reach out for help and follow a clear structure –
The commitments in our Sustainable Action Plan relate to 10 principles from the One Planet Living Framework for people, planet, and society. These provide the structure to break down and simplify what could be a daunting task. We were surprised at how easy it was to create a plan. Part of our training with Bioregional was a ‘visioning workshop’. This allowed us to put ourselves in the shoes of employees to envision how changes could be made.

Set clear goals and measure progress –
It is important to set clear goals and targets to record and measure progress, as this provides ongoing accountability and motivation. This forms part of our transparent Sustainability Action Plan and we believe that small achievable steps add up to a big difference.

Nurture collaboration –
Working in partnership and supporting each other is a big part of making positive change. Companies such as Bioregional help others to understand the principles of One Planet Living while Planet Mark offers advice and support with certification.

Our Metrics –
• We analyse the metrics of the marketing campaigns we implement for our customers. This helps us to clearly see the areas we need to focus on to make the campaign a success.
• If we can play a part in supporting their environmentally sustainable business to be successful and reach a wider audience then we are achieving our goals.

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