Electric Car Conversions

Converting classic cars to electric to extend their useful life, reduce environmental impact, and reduce consumption.

Electric power in
classic cars of all ages

City Farm

Our Aim

Creating classic, green vehicles that are 100% electric.

Our Story

Electrogenic takes beautiful classic cars and converts them to 100% electric power. We are recycling cars – instead of throwing away a whole car just to replace the engine, we are just replacing the engine! This reduces overall waste, reduces the consumption of new cars, and reduces the number of inefficient carbon-producing engines on our roads.

Our co-founder, Steve Drummond, has been working in energy and climate change for two decades, so the environment is at the centre of everything we do. Making a new electric vehicle consumes a significant amount of resources. Our process allows historic combustion engines to be repurposed avoiding the manufacture of a new electric car. Given the average life span of a modern car is 10 years, the environmental footprint of the cars we convert has been paid for 5 times over. And their ongoing impact on the environment is essentially zero.

We also manage our workshop practices and supply chains based on sustainable principles. For example, we use new permanent magnets that are manufactured without the use of rare earth elements. This way of working and thinking shapes our approach to everything we do as we strive for a greener planet.

Our Advice

Embrace Sustainability –
Consider cash and carbon as equals. If you’re reducing costs, you’re automatically reducing carbon and energy usage. Find ways to do it better and cheaper and everyone will gain.

Our Metrics –
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