Local Enterprise Partnership

Helping businesses across Hertfordshire to develop successful sustainability
and carbon-reduction initiatives.

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Local Enterprise Partnership Growth Hubs

Herfordshire LEP

Our Aim

Enabling businesses to embrace sustainability and bottom-line benefits.

Our Story

At Hertfordshire LEP, we help businesses to transform to meet net-zero challenges and other sustainability goals. Hertfordshire LEP runs the Hertfordshire Growth Hub – a support organisation that offers advice, resources, training, and financial guidance for businesses and organisations within Hertfordshire, including access to grants and funding for carbon-reduction and sustainability projects.

A huge benefit for businesses that engage with the Growth Hub is cost saving. We help organisations to see that they can not only embrace sustainability but that the positive changes they make can boost their bottom line. There are also huge benefits to staff engagement, customer engagement, and supplier engagement – everyone is involved in this important journey.

Our Advice

Start small –
This is a long journey and not something you are going to solve in one go. Break the process down into bite-sized chunks. Measuring your current carbon footprint is a good place to start.

Engage your team –
Your staff probably have great ideas to share. Engage and include them in the measures you put in place and the initiatives you create.

Our Metrics –
• Community and engagement actions.

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