Installing Ground Source
Heat Pumps in Croydon

Kensa Contacting and Croydon Council worked together to reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty in the local community.

25 (Tonnes)
Est. reduction in carbon emissions
over the lifetime of heat pump

£260 – £300
Annual fuel savings per

Croydon tower block that was the site of the installation.

Our Aim

Reducing carbon emissions and increasing access to affordable heating in Croydon.

Our Story

Kensa Contracting’s relationship with Croydon Council began when they visited our installation of a fifth-generation heating network in Enfield. Soon after, the Council approached us to support them on a similar project in Croydon. They were installing a range of measures to improve the fabric of a 12-story apartment block and asked for our support in replacing the heating system.

Croydon Council wanted to install a system that was not only at the forefront of carbon reduction, but that also provided affordable heating for residents – some of whom were living in fuel poverty. They chose ground source heat pumps as an efficient and low-carbon heating option.

Individual Kensa Shoebox ground source heat pumps were installed in each apartment and connected to a network of pipes buried under the ground – up to a depth of 200m. Individual heat pumps convert small amounts of heat from the ground into a higher form of usable heat to warm radiators and hot water systems. The system is highly efficient, with one unit of electricity generating up to four units of heat. In a traditional gas boiler, one unit of gas generates approximately 0.9 units of heat.

The new Kensa Shoebox heat pump system is set to reduce carbon emissions by 25 tonnes over its lifetime and has already reduced energy bills by around 50% for residents who previously relied on storage heaters. The heat pumps will also enjoy significantly lower lifetime maintenance costs compared to a standard gas boiler.

The project was so successful that the Council asked Kensa to install ground source heat pumps at two further residential sites. These installations are currently underway and – as these properties are heated by gas boilers with flues – they will also deliver significant air quality improvements.

This project and ongoing works are helping to support Croydon Council’s ambitious goal of reaching net-zero by 2030.

Our Advice

Don’t wait –
If you’re a local authority with housing stock, you need to decarbonise now. There is no silver bullet, and no need to wait for another generation of carbon-reducing tech. The UK must achieve net-zero by 2050 and there are a number of funding initiatives available to support these changes. There is little point in waiting 30 years when so many benefits can be realised immediately. These changes can also reduce lifetime maintenance costs and energy bills across a council’s building stock.

Our Metrics –
• Reduction in carbon emissions.
• Energy bill savings.

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