Park and Charge

Park and Charge is providing easy access to overnight electric vehicle charging hubs for people who find it difficult to charge at home.

Car parks fitted with
electric charging hubs


Our Aim

Helping people in Oxfordshire to make the transition to cleaner and greener transport.

Our Story

Through Park and Charge Oxfordshire, we've installed electric vehicle charging hubs in 22 car parks across the county. This project aims to provide overnight vehicle charging for local people who might find it difficult to charge at home. We estimate that around 30 to 40% of Oxfordshire residents don’t have the facilities to charge – perhaps because they live in a rental property or don’t have a driveway.

At the charging hubs, customers can park for free overnight and charge their electric vehicles at competitive prices. The initiative is funded by The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles and Innovate UK, and delivered by Oxfordshire County Council, Zeta Specialist Lighting, Urban Integrated UK, EZ charge, and the University of Oxford.

By installing EV charging hubs, we're making it easier and more accessible for people across Oxfordshire to make the transition to cleaner and greener transport. This is helping us to meet carbon-reduction goals we've made as part of our climate emergency pledge – we are targeted to be a zero-carbon county by 2050. The switch to electric vehicles also has other benefits like reducing fuel costs and air pollution.

Our Advice

Don't delay –
We have a climate emergency right now, and it's not something you can put off doing any longer. Don't wait for the next technology or the next big thing, just get started. We're proving with Park and Charge Oxfordshire that this model really works, so perhaps improving your electric vehicle charging infrastructure could be a great place to start.

Our Metrics –
• Community engagement.
• Improvements in air quality.
• Reduced carbon emissions.

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